Almond | Family Documentary | Fairhope Family Photographer

Target is our happy place.

When the Almonds contacted me about doing a family documentary session, I was beyond excited! Family Documentary is my favorite genre of photography. The simplicity and authenticity of it all is not only exciting as a photographer, but as a mom, its extremely heartwarming and beautiful.

Unscripted, unposed, real moments. Those are the moments that last forever.

So after discussing what the day in the life at the Almonds house consisted of we decided to go for a #targetrun.

I mean. Who wouldn’t want to go to Target? It’s where mom dreams are made of.

I met Joanna at the Daphne, Alabama Target with her two children. As soon as we walked in we were naturally overwhelmed with all of the sights and smells Target has to offer. Starbucks lattes, the latest trends for this season, and every knick knack and toy for Halloween was all so tempting!

We quickly put our blinders on, and went down the aisles to get the items off her to-do list.

Needless to say, the excitement took hold and coming in for a couple of essentials and a gallon of milk didn’t happen.

Thank you Joanna for letting me be apart of your family for the afternoon. Your family is beautiful and I’m so happy to have been apart of it.



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