Williams Family | Fairhope Family Photographer

Meet the Williams Family

I've known Caroline and Greg for many years now. In fact, we went to high school together! My husband and Greg graduated together and Caroline and myself were one year apart. Not to mention, Greg and my husband, Andrew, are both Captains in the National Guard and are both police officers at the same department! Caroline and I have been friends for almost 7 years now, she was even my matron of honor at my wedding. 

So needless to say, I love this family.

Our session couldn't have gone better. The light was AMAZING that evening, Caroline had all of her boys so well dressed, and everything just fell into place. 

Their session was simply perfect. 

Caroline and Greg,

 I am truly honored that you trusted me enough to capture your sweet family. Thank you so much for being such great friends. I know myself and my family love y'all beyond words and feel so lucky to have y'all in our lives.