Here I am. | Fairhope Lifestyle and Family Documentary Photographer

More of this in 2019.

More of them,  
My family will come first more than ever this year. I will be sharing more of them too. They are my muses. My inspiration. They are the reason I love what I do.

More embracing the chaos of my season.

More honesty,
I'm tired of the comparison game taking hold of my spirit. I love my art and I love what I do, but sometimes social media can help you grow all the while crush your dreams in a second. This year I'm going to share what I love and not what social media will like. I'm not sharing for the likes. I'm sharing because of what you can feel when you look at my images. God gave me this gift. A gift that I was given to share with the world. A gift that I didn't know I had till recently. 

I'm vulnerable, but ready.

2019, I welcome you with open arms.