It won't be like this forever. | Lifestyle and Family Documentary | Fairhope Family Photographer

It won’t be like this forever.

The days are long, but the years are short. Really short.

Being a mother is hard. Motherhood doesn’t come with vacation days or even sick days. It’s hard to describe but even through the sweat and tears, there is a a kind of joy, a joy that only a mother could really understand. It’s 3 AM feedings, scrapped knee kisses, and the ‘one more song mama’ even though you have already sang twenty.

It’s an unconditional love.

The kinda of love that you always hear about, but don’t get it till you finally hold that sweet baby in your arms after 9 months.

Your life is forever changed.

You are now the keeper of schedules, family game nights, and soccer practice snacks. You hold the answer to the forever asked question: “What’s for dinner?”

And while you are making sure everyone is fed and off to their next practice or game, know that you are amazing and it doesn’t go unnoticed. You might be running on your 5th cup of cold coffee, but you are doing it, because deep down under the tired eyes and day old mascara, you love it. You love this new season of life.

So this year, let me help you capture the love you created. Let me help you document this beautiful season in your life.

Because one day, when the days get a little bit longer and mornings slow down and become more still. You can return the days where you can still hear the giggles and feel the soft small hands hugging your neck.