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Celeste and I were complete strangers until Monday afternoon. We both just happened to be at the same beach and at the same time. I had just finished a session and was approaching the boardwalk to go home, until I saw her. Like every other mom, she was wrangling her family to get a few quick snapshots of her kids. You could tell that she dressed them in nice clothes to take a photo.

They all looked so lovely.

When I saw her and her husband tag teaming on taking the photos of one another with the kids, that is when it hit me. I’m going to take their photo. Watching Celeste manage her entire family so she could document this time at the beach and only be in one or two photos wasn’t good enough for me. I felt connected to her. I’ve been there so many times! Every mom has. The last family photo I have of my family was when I was pregnant with my third. I have plenty of my kids and several of my husband with our kids. But any with me? Nope. Even mom photographers have a had time getting it together.

I approached the Robertson’s and asked and she was naturally hesitant. So once I explained I was a photographer and had my gear, she was completely surprised and immediately agreed. I took a few on her phone and then we started our mini session.

After getting to know one another, I found out that she too was from Fairhope, Alabama. Fairhope is about an hour away from Gulf shores, so it’s not uncommon to see locals down at the beach, but again, I was shocked! That day the beach was covered with people, I assumed they were from out of town like my clients from my previous session.

Watching Celeste with her family reminded me that this is what I love to do. This is why God gave me this gift. I love motherhood and I love giving people something that they can always revisit.

I’m so happy God put that desire in my heart to ask Celeste if I could document her with her family.