Lindell | Family Documentary | Fairhope, Alabama Family Documentary Photographer

Lindell | Family Documentary in Fairhope, Alabama

Rachel wanted to document her family one last time in the home that meant the most to her. This was the first home her and husband bought together. This was the home that welcomed both of her children. This was the home that helped start their story.

Rachel loved her front yard. She told me that her family had lots of picnics, relaxation, and every inch of that yard has been full of laughter. So we spent the entire afternoon reminiscing on special memories that her family shared in that house, playing, and eating popsicles. It was a laid back fun afternoon. No schedule, no prompts. Just hanging out and letting the day unfold.

Real life family moments deserved to be documented. Why? Because no one can do your family better than you.

Authentic interactions between you and your family are so special!

Why fake the mundane and candid shots. Embrace them!

Thank you Lindell family for allowing me to document your story. I wish y’all good luck with your next homestead adventure.

Your friend,