Gray | Family Documentary | Fairhope Family Photographer | Fairhope Alabama

Life is full of moments, not milestones.

I truly love family documentary sessions. They are hands down my favorite thing to capture. Having a family welcome me into their home and be completely raw and real with me while I’m clicking away is just beautiful.

Christy reached out to me and explained how much she really wanted everyday life photos of her and her family. She and her family had recently moved to the Fairhope, Alabama from Canada and she wanted some photos of her with her family in their new house just doing their thing. She went on to explain that she has maybe a handful of photos of her with her kids and how she desperately wanted some of her just adoring her children doing all of the mundane things that they do on a daily basis. That’s when I immediately felt connected to her because us moms are usually the ones taking photos. I knew I had to get those moments her.

Session day arrived and we simply just hung out and talked about everything and anything. Her move from Canada, motherhood, and all of the little things that mom friends talk about like what schools are best and so on. Watching the Gray family be completely honest and open with me made for not only a lovely afternoon of friendship and conversation, but it made me realize that my job there that day was important and meaningful. I was able to capture real moments that they will be able to cherish and look back on for years to come. And for Christy, she was able to be in them! That alone made my heart leap for joy. Giving that gift to any mama, but especially to Christy reminded me that us moms need to be reminded that we are important and that we want our children to remember that we were there when they look back at photos of their childhood. Not just taking the photo, but we’re there in the moment.

Christy, thank you for trusting me with your family. I’m so happy our paths crossed and I look forward to watching your family grow here in Fairhope.